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Shipping & Returns

Please note that if you want someone to represent you are collecting a package, they need your identity or ID with your last name.

The delivery time is the time your package left our warehouse. We can not guarantee delivery time, these guidelines are for guidance only.

Receiving an email will notify you of your order at Once your package is sent to your address, other emails will tell you.

Please provide your full shipping address and contact number as this can help with delivery quickly.

Return and Return
If customers return because they decide not to need it, they must return within 28 days of receipt. Unnecessary goods will not be accepted within 28 days after returning to the United States. Goods returned must be unused / unused, original packaging, and receipt as proof of the purchase network. The delivery note is called "Reasons for Return", part of which must be filled in when the goods are returned.

If you suspect that a production problem has occurred while purchasing online, you can return it for verification. If we think there is a production problem, we will change the item (or eventually) or we will go back. They must receive them within 7 days of receipt and original packaging and return to the website as proof of purchase

The product must be filled in and partially returned (attached to the sales receipt) to be returned together. If you buy multiple items or special offers as part of the package, and decide if one or more items are inappropriate, you must return all or part of the preferential purchase project package.

You can also order retail outlets who will be happy to check the site and any product release exchange stores if necessary. He should further assess the application or request a full refund, which will have to be returned to the treatment center. The customer service will contact you to inform you about the next step with your order.

For health reasons, we can not accept lingerie, socks, beverage bottles, inserts or rugby protection in return. If damage / failure occurs within 7 days, you are eligible to return these items.

Allow us to add your account from the collection or within 28 days of the date of issue. We will refund your refund.