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Privacy Notice

We believe that customer safety first is a summary of our security policies, but if you have any questions, please contact our customer service. It can be seen stored in privacy and privacy and treat to provide no personal data to us in accordance with these Privacy Policies and Fair Laws,

We will take appropriate measures to prevent the unauthorized or unlawful processing of personal data, including encryption technologies and organizational measures and their valid industry standards.

When you visit our site, we collect information that determines the purpose of your account settlement, delivery of goods and negotiation that requires certain personal information. We simply store your information in order to process your order, any complaints or feedback during the refund process or subscription to promotional materials.

Under normal circumstances, we do not have this payment card provider directly and securely transferred to us and we process your financial information in our directions.

Give us your courier who needs his or her electronic data to enter the order

You can subscribe to promotions and special offers when registering your data. From here, you can always send us our customer service to sign out

We are not in the European Economic Area (EEA) if you are in this situation to be able to provide users of your products outside the European Economic Area with the process of payment / refund of your information or to send you your subscription Out of information about the provision of promotional information.

Our web sites can identify previous users and pass cookies. Cookies visit our website and customize it to fit your personal preferences. You can edit the settings to disable this cookie over the Internet.

This site contains other sites that point to their own privacy policy and are not responsible for the privacy practices of this site.

When providing your information, you accept the risks associated with the Internet and do not lose any information unless we violate our duty of care.

Cookie rules
Policy explains what cookies we use, and how to turn them off.

How we use cookies
We use a combination of our own cookies and third-party cookies to improve your browsing experience and to make our website work effectively. We use cookies in particular:

Allows you to create an account, enter orders, and make payments.
Do not forget to put your basket of goods;
Remember that you are looking for quick and easy ways to go back to the previous point, read articles;
Improve your shopping.

2. What are cookies?
Cookies are small files stored in Internet browsers (such as a computer, tablet, or phone). Cookies do not store personal information, such as your credit card information, your name or date of birth.

3. What kind of biscuits?
Our site uses session cookies and persistent cookies. 1. Log in to the site session cookie until the action has been disconnected. After the cancellation of the session cookie is canceled. Cookies will not be permanently deleted after each meeting.

Cookies are absolutely essential to our website, the disabilities necessary to meet on our website may be interrupted, you may not use a shopping cart or a payment.

Powerful cookies collect anonymous visitor data. We use this information to improve your future experience and to identify issues that users may encounter.

Check out the features and appearance of cookies on our website. For example, the next time you visit a functional cookie, you remember your username and language preferences.

Cookie Ads Directed ads or ads that are relevant to your web activity. You can target your click tracking cookies and our websites to share your clicks, details with other organizations or with some advertisers. Cookies can also help measure event efficiency.

Third-party cookies are approved by our web services.

4. What happens when you disable cookies?
If you disable or delete cookies, you may not be able to create or buy important parts of our site. Detailed cookie information, including an explanation of how to adjust your browser settings to disable cookies, can be found online.